Maple Syrup vs Maple Sugar: Which is Right for Your Products?

maple sugar in wooden spoon

Bascom Maple Farms is the leading supplier of pure, organic maple syrup and maple sugar in the United States. Through eight generations of maple production, we’ve learned what great quality tastes like. Our consistent, delicious, high-quality maple products are available in a wide range of grades, quantities, and packaging.

Since 1853, we’ve been tapping and caring for our maple trees responsibly and sustainably. By respecting our heritage and caring for our forests, we plan to continue providing our high-quality maple syrup and maple sugar for years to come.

Our Maple Syrup

At Bascom Maple Farms, we follow long-held company standards to ensure our maple syrup has a consistent flavor profile and quality you can count on. Our bulk maple syrup will give your product the impactful maple taste you’re looking for and the quality your customers demand. 

How is our maple syrup made? In the springtime, we drill a small hole into the tree and insert a spout to extract sap. Then sap flows within the tree and is gathered through the spout. The initial sap is clear and slightly sweet, containing about 1-3% sugar. 

Then the sap is boiled in an evaporator to remove water in the sap and caramelize the sugars to bring out the distinct golden-brown color of maple syrup. Once the liquid reaches 219°F/103.8°C (66.5 brix), it becomes pure maple syrup. Typically, it takes about 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of maple syrup.

The end result, Bascom’s pure maple syrup, is packed with health benefits and nutrients including:

  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins and minerals 
  • And more!

Bascom Maple Farms’ genuine maple syrup is the perfect ingredient to enhance your next recipe with the nutritious, authentic flavor and color of maple.

Our Maple Sugar

What is maple sugar? And how is it different from maple syrup? As the name implies, maple sugar is a granulated sugar ingredient, but it has a unique edge over traditional cane sugar—delicious maple flavor and the amazing health benefits of maple syrup.

Bascom Maple Farms bulk maple sugar is made from our maple syrup—which means our maple sugar has the same outstanding quality and consistency.

Similar to our maple syrup, we’ve been refining our maple sugar production process for generations. The process starts with full-flavored, dark-colored, 100% pure maple syrup that is then pumped into a pressurized vessel, cooked, and stirred until all the water in the syrup has evaporated. 

After the water has evaporated, chunks of maple crystals remain. We granulate the crystals into smaller pieces to get a consistent sugar product. Bascom Maple Farms never uses any chemicals or flow agents, and therefore ensures 100% product purity.

Making maple sugar is a complex, time-consuming process. But we take pride in our procedures and the consistent, high-quality product we supply our customers; it’s worth every minute of hard work.

We Can Help Determine Which Maple Product is Right for You

Maple syrup and maple sugar are both packed with antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients—making them the better-for-you sweetener options for consumers looking for healthier, yet delicious ingredients. The difference between syrup and sugar lies in the desired application.

Maple sugar’s granulation texture mixes uniformly into both dry and liquid formulations making it a great solution for adding sweetness and maple flavor without adjusting your recipes' liquid levels.

And maple syrup has strengths beyond sweetening—it can be used as a taste enhancer and binder with a unique flavor and color profile. And its viscous properties can add to the liquid levels of formulations.

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