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Your Maple Source Since 1928

As the #1 American supplier of maple worldwide, we know the logistics of shipment better than anyone. We’ll get you the right maple product quickly—every time, any time of year.

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7 Generations of Sustainable Maple

Long before it was called sustainable farming, the Bascom family farmed its sugarbushes sustainably. It’s been seven generations now, and the Bascom family is still farming those same forests. Talk about sustainable.

Sustainable Maple

We Ship Anywhere in the U.S. and Worldwide

As the #1 American supplier of maple worldwide, Bascom has the knowledge and experience to deliver whatever you need, wherever you need it. So whether it’s shipping by train to California, Uber Freight to New York, or Air Freight to Thailand, our pure and organic maple syrups and sugars will arrive safely and on-time.  Relax, we’ll get it there.


Shipping & Logistics

Maple Products to Meet Your Exact Specifications

Consistent flavor and color profiles. Stringent maple grade standards. Formulation assistance. Bascom ensures your product will have the impact you’re looking for. What’s your maple pleasure?

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Food Manufacturers

Maple to fit your exact specifications

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Chefs & Food Service

Sweet inspiration with consistent flavor

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We’ll fill any order at any time

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Private Label

Our maple, your label. It’s a win-win!

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