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Grades & Usage Recommendations

For Consistent Taste and Performance

For your product to be successful, it must go beyond being good quality, it must also be consistent. That’s why we maintain the strictest grading standards in the maple manufacturing industry, so you can be assured that your product will taste and perform the same, every time.

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We take this extra step because maple syrup (just like wine) varies slightly from grower to grower and from region to region every year. By combining the maple syrups we get from our farmers, we can ensure that you’ll get that same taste you’ve come to depend on each and every order.

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A Maple Syrup Grade for Every Flavor Profile and Product

While all grades of maple syrup have the same sugar content, each grade has a very different flavor profile, ranging from light and delicate to very dark and intense. There’s a maple syrup grade that’s just right for your needs, from a sweetener for baked goods to a savory culinary sauce for proteins to an on-trend beverage, and so much more.

Grade A Golden Color

Delicate Taste Maple Syrup

Light and delicate maple flavor.

Grade A Amber Color

Rich Taste Maple Syrup 

Rich maple flavor used as a table syrup and as an ingredient when a more pronounced maple flavor is required.

Grade A Dark Color

Robust Taste Maple Syrup

Robust maple flavor, can be used as a table syrup and an ingredient.

Grade A Very Dark Color

Strong Taste Maple Syrup 

Darkest in color, with the strongest maple taste. Too strong for table use, but a great ingredient for commercial applications.

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A Word About Grade A

What Does Grade A Really Mean?

Grade A syrup assures that a certain level of quality has been met. To be labeled Grade A, maple syrup must meet the following requirements:

  • Maple flavor characteristic of its color class
  • No objectionable odor or taste
  • Even color
  • Sediment free
  • No cloudiness or haziness
  • Unfermented

There is also what’s known as processing grade maple syrup. Produced late in the sugaring season, the processing grade of maple syrup is sometimes suitable as an ingredient in food products, but it has off flavors. It is not permitted for retail sale. It doesn’t meet Grade A requirements, but it does meet all other maple regulations and food quality/safety guidelines.

Maple Syrup

For eight generations now, we’ve been tapping and caring for our maple trees. Today, Bascom Maple Farms has grown into the largest supplier of maple in the United States. Our long-held company standards (tougher than USDA standards) ensure our maple syrup has a consistent flavor profile and quality you can count on every time.

Maple sugar in bowl

Maple Sugar

Our proprietary manufacturing process guarantees that our maple sugar maintains its consistent quality batch after batch, year after year. By maintaining a consistent low moisture content, sweetness, and pH, our maple sugars have a longer shelf life and superior flavor when compared with many of our competitors’ products.

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