Why Buy Wholesale Maple Syrup from Bascom Family Farms?

Consumers are more interested than ever in healthier diets, and they are willing to pay more for high quality, nutritious food. Between 1990 and 2010, U.S. sales of organic food and beverages grew from $1 billion to a staggering $26.7 billion, and this shift is the result of an increase in consumer knowledge regarding diet. People no longer want highly-refined and processed meals made with cheap and unhealthy ingredients. White flour and white sugar, though still widely used in many recipes and products, are being replaced by restaurants and bakeries that choose to use healthier alternatives as a way to appeal to this growing wave of consumer interest.

Your Customers Want Healthy, High Quality Food

One reason for the surge of interest in maple syrup and maple sugar as natural alternative sweeteners is due to the growing number of scientific studies that have come out touting its health benefits as well as the health risks of refined sugars. Not only has the popularity of maple syrup skyrocketed, but public demand for all natural, nutritious, locally-grown and locally-made foods has exploded.

What was once used almost exclusively as a breakfast condiment, is now increasingly used as a replacement for white sugar in many homes and food establishments across the globe. Using maple syrup in your kitchen is a great way to get an edge on your competition by showing your customers that you care just as much about the quality of the food that you serve as they do. People feel good when they eat food that is not only delicious, but healthy as well—and they are willing to pay a little more on a quality dining experience that offers just that.

The Culinary Possibilities of Maple Syrup are Unlimited

Of all of the sweeteners on the market today, maple syrup has the best reputation for being as flavorful as it is nutrient-rich. Sure, any type of sweetener will serve its sweetening purpose in your desserts, but why not use maple syrup instead and give your customers an even richer flavor with an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants? Though it is undoubtedly the superior natural sweetener for desserts and baked goods, the possibilities don’t end there. The versatility of maple syrup’s flavor lends itself to a wide range of cuisines and dishes that you might not expect. It makes a wonderful addition to glazes for fresh fish, pork and vegetables, and it is the perfect complement to your fall menu offerings. There is simply no good reason for you or your chefs not to take advantage of its endlessly exciting culinary possibilities.

For more information on cooking with maple syrup, see our maple syrup substitution guide.

Spending a Little More Can Pay Big Dividends When It Comes to Your Reputation

There has been a huge shift in many metropolitan cities where buying fresh, local ingredients has become the norm for small restaurants and bakeries. This exciting development is being met with open arms from the public. For many restaurants and food service operations, purchasing all of your ingredients from local sources is not always a feasible option. Still, there are ways to dramatically improve the quality, flavor and reputation of your food—and cooking with maple syrup is a great start!

When choosing which sweeteners to use in your kitchen, remember — you get what you pay for. Cheaper options such as granulated sugar and high fructose corn syrup will save you money, but the poor quality will show in the food that you serve. Using maple syrup in place of other sweeteners in your kitchen might be a little more expensive, but buying in bulk from a reputable wholesale maple syrup supplier will help you save money. Overall, making this switch is well worth the extra cost when it comes to flavor and nutritional superiority—and your customers will definitely take notice. Your bakery or restaurant’s reputation for using only the highest quality ingredients and serving the freshest and tastiest food will be all the advertising you need to bring in more business.

You Can Count On Bascom Family Farms Wholesale Maple Syrup

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