What Makes Maple Syrup Certified Organic?

Maple syrup is a lot like produce grown in the fields, it’s organic until man starts trying to manipulate it. While all Bascom Family Farms syrups and sugars are made without artificial flavors, preservatives, or thickeners, our organic maple syrup and maple sugar products are QAI certified and carry the USDA organic seal. Our organic certification by QAI removes any margin for error.

The QAI Inspection Process

Beginning with a walk through our sugarbush, the QAI inspection is very thorough. Inspectors evaluate our forest management practices such as thinning and harvesting. They observe our tapping procedures to ensure we are getting just the right number of taps on a tree. Inspectors confirm that no chemical fertilizers are used on or near the farm. They check to see what our neighbors are doing. If an apple orchard next door sprayed their trees with chemicals or there was any spraying with chemicals for weed and plant control along the roadside near our farm, we would need buffer zones in those areas. QAI certifies that approved buffer zones to eliminate contamination from airborne drift (or underground seepage) are in place.

From the spout, the inspectors follow the path of the sap and look for any point where the possibility of contamination could occur. Then they evaluate the sugar house and the boiling process where equipment must meet rigid cleaning standards. Certification confirms that paraformaldehyde is not used and defoaming agents (used at one drop to 5 gallons to keep the foam in the evaporator) are organic. Our rabbi also approves of this defoamer for our parve kosher certification. The syrup is then properly filtered and stored for sale and shipping. Buying Bascom Family Farms certified organic syrup ensures you and your customers that you’re buying the best syrup possible.