Pure Maple Sugar: The Perfect Sweetener

Bascom Family Farms has supplied consumers and manufacturers with high quality maple for seven generations. Today, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of 100% pure and organic bulk maple sugar, a high demand flavor profile for today’s consumer. Uniquely versatile and delicious, our pure natural and organic maple sugar is a healthy alternative to other sweeteners. For manufacturers, members of the food service industry and private label resellers, we offer year-round availability in a variety of packaging, including bulk. Bascom Family Farms produces multiple granule sizes in organic and natural maple sugar from free-flowing granules to confectionary powder to meet your most stringent formulation needs. Put our years of experience working with the world’s best food technologists and top R&D teams to work for you today!

Maple Sugar Gives Your Products and Recipes a Tasty Advantage

Bulk-SugarFlavoring with pure maple sugar vs. simply sweetening with cane sugar (or fructose) helps make your product stand out, giving it both a definitive point of difference and distinct marketing advantage. From powder to granule, Bascom Family Farms produces granular sizes suitable to the needs of each manufacturer. Maple sugar gives you the ability to incorporate a more natural, less processed sugar while allowing you to maintain the moisture content formulation that works best for your product. The result adds a certain special something to a recipe while producing a healthier, more appealing and flavorful product for your customers. Now you can incorporate maple into your products. Let Bascom Family Farms be your maple source… you can count on us!