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Bulk Maple Sugar

How Much Does Bulk Maple Sugar Cost? Why Choose Bascom for Your Maple Sugar? How is Bulk Maple Sugar Made? How Much Does Bulk Maple Sugar Cost? What are the Health Benefits of Maple Sugar?

Bulk Maple Sugar

What is the Price of Bulk Maple Sugar?

Wondering how the price of bulk maple sugar is set? Like most agricultural products, maple syrup is a commodity. With 65-70% of the world’s maple syrup produced in Quebec, sugar makers there banded together to form The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. In 2000, they became the exclusive sales agent for bulk maple syrup and continue to be today.

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The Federation sets floor prices for syrup in Quebec, and sugar makers in the other maple producing regions follow these prices. In a short crop year, the price can increase due to high demand and low supply.

Because maple syrup is the sole ingredient in maple sugar, when maple syrup prices rise, so too will maple sugar prices.

If high-quality organic maple sugar is important to you, choose Bascom Maple Farms as your maple source.

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