Maple Sugar: Packaging and Shipping

Bascom Family Farms is America’s leading supplier of natural and organic 100% pure maple sugar in various granule sizes including powder. Maple sugar is available for shipping year round in a wide range of forms and packaging when and how you need them. If you’re looking for wholesale maple sugar in plastic containers, bags and boxes ranging from 6.1 oz to 40 lbs, we can meet your needs.

This is our standard 40-lb. box.

Have a custom packaging request? Call us! Our packaging facility is designed to heat, filter and pack sugar to exacting specifications. The result is always the top quality maple product you will be proud to serve to your customers!Our quality is always the highest in the industry and our grading standards are never compromised. We’ll work with you to select just the right maple sugar granule size to meet your needs – and deliver how and when you need it. Call for packing, pricing and shipping information today.


Let Bascom Family Farms be your maple source… you can count on us!