Maple Sugar: Granule Sizes

To make Bascom Family Farms maple sugar, we start by selecting a full-flavored, dark colored 100% pure natural or organic maple syrup that meets our strict specifications. The syrup is pumped into a pressurized vessel, cooked and stirred. To ensure product integrity, nothing is added throughout the processing. After the water in the syrup has evaporated, pieces of maple sugar remain. Ground into smaller pieces, the sugar is sifted according to the size including powder, granules or a combination of both. The result produces a dry maple sugar; a micro-crystalline material that is 90% to 95% sucrose.

Proprietary Process Guarantees Consistency, Longer Shelf Life and Superior Flavor

Bulk-SugarOur maple sugar is available in standard, sifted, and powder sized granules that can pass through a #10 screen, like table sugar or through a #35 screen, like flour. Our maple sugar is available for packaging and shipping year round in 1 lb, 5 lb, and 40 lb boxes to meet your needs. Our R&D experts can help you determine which type or size maple sugar to use in your product formulations. Our proprietary manufacturing process guarantees that our maple sugar granules and powder maintain their consistent quality batch after batch, year after year. By maintaining a consistent low moisture content, granule size, sweetness and PH, our maple sugars have a longer shelf life and superior flavor when compared with many of our competitors’ products. Call Bascom Family Farms today for pure bulk maple sugar you can count on.

Maple sugar granules 34 – 38 lbs per cubic ft.
Maple sugar powder 36 – 40 lbs per cubic foot.
Maple sugar granules pass through #10 screen, like table sugar.
Maple sugar powder passes through a # 35 screen, like flour.
Standard sugar is a mixture of both.