Coombs Family Farms: Organic Maple Syrup from Small Family Farms

Today’s organic customers want two things from their maple — authentic organic certification and quality maple syrup sourced from small family farms that practice responsible environmental stewardship. Since 1986, Coombs Family Farms has been making organic maple syrup. Coombs Family Farms is currently the fastest-growing major organic brand of maple syrup. Unlike most pure maple syrup brands, Coombs Family Farms and Bascom Family Farms continue to harvest their maple from both their own family farms as well as from hundreds of small family farms from whom they purchase maple syrup.

Organic Maple Syrup… A bigger opportunity than you think.

photo_coombs-bottles-NEWThe organic maple syrup market is a fast-growing segment within the retail market. Here are a few facts to consider:

  1. Natural food stores out-index grocery stores by 55%.
  2. The organic maple syrup consumer’s typical basket size is two times larger than the average consumer basket size.
  3. Organic maple shoppers not only use maple syrup on traditional breakfast foods, but also are much more likely to cook with pure maple.
  4. While only 11% of pure maple syrup sales are organic, nearly 20% of consumers believe they are buying organic maple syrup products. What if today’s organic consumers could find what they were looking for on your shelf?

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