Bulk Maple Sugar

What Is Maple Sugar?

Maple sugar is a 100% natural alternative sweetener long prized for it’s unique, rich sweetness. Formed when the sap of sugar maples is boiled for longer than is needed to create maple syrup, the result is pure maple syrup granules. A natural sugar substitute, maple sugar confers all of the benefits of maple syrup, making it the best sweetener for you.

Why Should You Buy Bulk Maple Sugar?

Consumers are examining food labels as never before. They are eliminating artificial sweeteners and are looking for more organic food options. While this certainly puts pressure on food manufacturers and food service providers, it also creates opportunities to produce exceptional and nutritious foods, and as the leading independent supplier of bulk maple sugar, Bascom Family Farms is a supplier you can count on for high-quality year-round supply.

Maple sugar is an essential ingredient to have on your shelves in order to meet the natural food consumer demand—and demand continues to grow. According to the Organic Trade Association, sales of organic food and non-food products in the United States broke through another record in 2014, totaling $39.1 billion, up 11.3 percent from the previous year. A recent Consumer Reports survey indicates that 84 percent of all households are buying organic products.

Clearly health concerns are at issue, and there is an increased sensitivity around processed sugar alternatives in today’s world, especially as adult and childhood obesity is on the rise. Health-conscious consumers want to feel good about what they are eating, and are purchasing foods with simple lists of ingredients and clean labels they can understand and feel good about eating. As people become increasingly conscious of what they eat, companies big and small are finding ways to offer more healthful products. When you incorporate Bascom Family Farms pure maple sugar into your formulas, you can feel confident about the exceptional product you provide to your customers.

From the standpoint of you, the producer, there is another advantage to choosing pure maple sugar over maple syrup for your recipes. When substituting for other sweeteners, maple sugar offers the advantage of not requiring you to reformulate your recipe, since there is no added liquid.

In short, pure maple sugar

  • Is healthier than any other sweetener
  • Does not require reformulation of recipes compared to maple syrup
  • Offers a clean label ingredient: pure maple sugar
  • Is sustainably harvested and produced
  • Supports family farms

Incorporate Bulk Maple Sugar Into Your Products

Bascom Family Farms is a leading wholesale maple sugar supplier to food manufacturers of dairy products, cookies, bread, maple glazed or flavored meats, and breakfast cereals across the world, providing a variety of multiple granules, powders, and bulk maple sugar quantities year-round. If you are not familiar with 100% natural maple sugar, you have the opportunity to unlock the potential of a natural, healthy, and delicious choice over the typical cane sugar or unnatural sugar alternatives in the market today.

Bascom Family Farms produces pure maple sugar in bulk for your manufacturing and food service needs, no matter how large or how small. Whether you have something specific in mind, or maybe don’t know where to begin when it comes to maple sugar, just give us a call. Our incredibly knowledgeable staff is happy to help.

Bulk Maple Sugar Applications

People around the world are looking for more organic food options, and are incredibly conscious about the ingredients they eat. Consumers are examining food labels like never before. While this certainly puts more pressure on food manufacturers and food service providers, it also creates a niche market to produce some exceptional and nutritious foods. Maple sugar is one essential ingredient to have on your shelves to meet the natural food consumer demand.

The demand for bulk maple sugar has grown in recent years due to its versatility, stability, and unmistakable flavor. While there are an unlimited number of uses, there are some typical food group categories and specific foods that rely on maple sugar:

  • Baked Goods: bread, cookies, danishes
  • Meat Products: sausage, ham, bacon, chicken
  • Breakfast Foods: oatmeal, cereal, granola
  • Condiments & Sauces: salad dressings, sautés, grilling and barbecue sauces, mustard
  • Beverages

Maple Sugar Characteristics

The Bascom Family Farms maple sugar begins with our pure, robust, and dark colored maple syrup. We put the syrup into a customized vessel, and process it until the syrup evaporates into pure maple sugar, completely free of any additives.

Why are more food manufacturers looking to maple sugar for their recipes? Not only is this natural sugar a delicious and healthy processed sugar alternative, it comes with a long list of positive attributes:

  • Long Shelf Life and Storage: Less than 1% moisture, not subject to yeast or bacteria growth, maple sugar can last for years. Compared to some of our competitors’ products, our maple sugars tend to have an even longer shelf life and more dynamic flavor because we closely maintain consistent low moisture content, granule size, PH, and overall sweetness.
  • Multiple Maple Sugar Granule Sizes: Maple sugar is a dry, micro-crystalline material, 90 – 95% sucrose available in standard, sifted, and powder sized granules that can pass through a #10 screen, like table sugar or through a #35 screen with flour-like consistency.
  • Various Bulk Maple Sugar Packaging Options: Granulated maple sugar is packed in 1 lb., 5 lb., and 40 pound boxes.
  • Year Round Availability: We stock a large supply of maple sugar available for immediate shipment year-round.

Maple sugar is used much in the same way that standard cane sugar is used. However, it can have a deeper sweetness than cane sugar, so keep this in mind for your foods. If you need any assistance with product application or your recipe formulation, let’s discuss what may work best for your needs.

Bulk Maple Sugar Capacity You Can Count on Year Round

Per capita consumption of pure maple products has almost tripled in the past 35 years within the United States. Bascom Family Farms will continue to produce our high-quality 100% natural maple sugar to meet this demand. Bascom Family Farms is able to fulfill your bulk maple sugar needs and we are positioned to support and provide for the continued growth of the maple market. With a stable supply of maple from our own farm as well as other farms throughout the region, and our four production lines dedicated to bulk maple sugar and syrup products, Bascom Family Farms will continue to be the world’s preeminent industrial maple supplier for many generations to come.

Let Bascom Family Farms Fill Your Next Wholesale Maple Sugar Order

Whether you need bulk maple sugar or bulk maple syrup. We provide wholesale maple sugar products in many different options and  we can deliver immediate shipments of our bulk sugar in any quantity you need throughout the year. Our facilities are designed to produce and pack sugar to your exact needs.

To place an order or receive additional information, please call us at 888-266-6271. You can also send us requests through our online form here. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the highest quality wholesale maple sugar products in the marketplace today. Let Bascom Family Farms be your maple source… you can count on us!