California Man Sues Quaker Oats Over Use of ‘Maple’ in Products Containing No Maple Syrup

this product contains no maple syrup
This product contains no maple syrup.

On Tuesday, March 1, Darren Eisenlord filed a civil complaint against Quaker Oats, saying that the use of the word ‘maple’ in product names that do not contain any maple syrup causes confusion among consumers.  Mr. Eisenlord is seeking class-action status, and is asking for damages as well as an injunction that Quaker Oats change its packaging.

We’re tapping!!

Bruce Bascom's father tapping trees.

When you set out to install over 90,000 taps, it is a good idea to get an early start.  It is still January, but conditions are favorable for sap flow, with nighttime temperatures in the 20s and daytime temps in the 40s, and we’re about a third of the way through tapping.  Hats off to our crew out in the woods who work year-round to maintain our sugarbush and some 400 miles of tubing!

As the season progresses, we will bring you updates from the sugarbush, with photos, video, and maybe even a producer profile.

Happy Holidays from Bascom Family Farms

It isn’t feeling very much like winter here, but here’s a picture of the farm from past years to get you in the spirit.

Best to all of our wonderful customers from all of us here at Bascom Family Farms!


Bascom Family Farms Begins Shipping Maple Syrup Labeled With The New Grades

Starting August 1st, 2015, Bascom Family Farms, Coombs Family Farms, and Brown Family Farm began shipping maple syrup labeled in accordance to the new maple syrup grading system.  We will continue to fill orders placed before that time using old labels while quantities last.  In addition, some of our private label customers have not yet made the change, so they too will continue to receive maple syrup under the old grading system for the time being.  Once Bascom supplies of maple syrup with the old labels is exhausted, we will ship exclusively using the new grading system.

Still confused about the new maple syrup grades?  Here’s a handy chart to sort it all out:

Maple syrup grades infographic